Ranchi Service




Process design

Ranchi is a holistically thought out service that reduces packaging waste for take away meals.

Understanding the scope

To fully understand the core of the project, we analyzed the stakeholders and their interests. In addition to the restaurant manager and the customer, the stakeholders also include the city and the manufacturer.

Having a conversation with restaurant owners

After creating personas and setting our goals for the project, we held interviews with different restaurant owners to fully understand their standpoint and requirements for a service like ours.

Ranchi Service

Designing the process

Based on the information we gained, we created the process.


Ranchi lunchbox

Although the goal of this course was not to design a product, we still created a mock up to visualize the idea behind the lunchbox.

The lunchbox combines the requirements of restaurant owners and customers. It offers sufficient insulation to keep the food warm for a longer time. It consists of different compartments to separate the food and is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and recycle.

For the customers the product also contains cutlery and a carrying strap so that the lunchbox does not have to be packed in a plastic bag.

App UI

The app is a central part of our process, because the customer will handle most processes from there. It is used to visualize restaurants that participate, show their menus, place orders as well as an overview of the useres profile.

There they will find their total amount of points and the history of their restaurant visits.
The points are based on the price they paid. If the box is returned with no or minor issues, the users receives bonus points.

With the points the users can get vouchers, which they can redeem on their next visit. Furthermore, we established a review section, where the users can share their experients and gain more points.

Ranchi Service
This project was developed in a collaboration with Adrianna Strzelczyk.