Product design

The topic of this course was fridays for future with the goal to design a product that fights the aftermaths of climate change.



The device is defined by a curved top which allows dirt and water to slip off.
An angled bottom makes sure that the developing smoke reaches the smoke
detector as early as possible.

The noticable colors are adopted by typical fire safety products that are
already in use and well known.


Technical details

The device works with a highly sensitive thermoptek technology. Once it detects an increase of temperature in combination with smoke formation, it sends a silent alarm to a firefighting station.

It can then give information about the location and intensity of the fire. Once multipe alarms are activated, the propagation can be predicted.


The significant elements of the product were combined in the shield of the logo.
The synergy of the shield and fire symbol stands for fire protection and
perfectly captures the core function of the product.

3D model

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